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Create your own private
Managed File Transfer Platform in minutes...

Download and install the
goTransfer MFT Server on a
Windows Server that you have
control over.
Download and install the
goTransfer MFT Console on your
Windows Workstation and add
users, customers and suppliers.
  As you add users in step 2, these
users will be emailed a link that
when clicked will automatically
download and configure the console on their workstations.

Three simple steps and your organisation is now ready with its own private Managed File Transfer gateway, giving you the ability to send and receive files to staff, customers and suppliers with total security and at lightning speed.

Big, Fast, Easy File Transfer

Businesses of all sizes have a constant need to share files with co-workers and with staff from other companies. Normally this sharing is done by a) email b) an assortment of public Cloud based systems c) using FTP Servers d) simple browser based file directories.

All of these methods leave a lot to be desired in terms of security when dealing with confidential materials, reliability challenges and ultra-large files.

The ccDevnet goTransfer system resolves all of these issues and does it in a way what feels natural and intuitive to users.

The complete system is free for the first five users. All you need to do is download and install to see for yourself just how easy and powerful the system really is.

Secure File Transfer
goTransfer provides a total security package, essential when transferring confidential files between offices across the Internet.

One of the primary security concerns for business is the use of public file transfer websites by staff for sharing confidential data. This is eliminated by goTransfer. Instead our system provides you with your own private server, hosted in an environment that you control and trust. This may be your own private Cloud or one provided by a trusted partner.
Files are compressed and encrypted to 256 bit AES before they are transferred from the user’s workstation to the goTransfer server, making it virtually impossible for anyone to intercept and view the files in transit.
A complete set of user privileges and file transfer logs provides your management team with essential compliance information.

Free Large File Transfer with Extraordinary Performance and Reliability
Once a file or set of files is selected for transfer, goTransfer uses multiple channels and a secret algorithm to deliver the files at extraordinary fast speeds, even on a slow or unreliable network.

Not only is goTransfer incredibly fast, it is also incredibly reliable. It has been designed to continue transfers unattended even in the worst internet connectivity environments.

All in all, if a file needs to be delivered, especially if it’s an ultra-large, ultra-urgent file, nothing is more reliable than goTransfer for getting the job done.

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