cc Devnet launches for Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions

File sharing through email, browser based file directories, FTP Servers or through public cloud based systems increases the risk of security and reliability when transferring large files or highly confidential materials., a wholly owned subsidiary of cc Devnet Ltd, has released a Managed File Transfer Platform that enables fast, secure and reliable transfer of files between staff, customers and suppliers. Security, reliability and performance are some of the reasons why the goTransfer Platform is being selected by businesses as their preferred choice for a Managed File Transfer solution.

The Platform is perfect for delivering large media files, sensitive business proposals and large legal documents. It is designed for users who regularly send large numbers of files to colleagues and who can not rely on their email system. It provides the entire organization with a single method of transferring files and overcomes fears of using public file transfer servers. provides a platform that is hosted on the organisations own server and over comes the security risks associated with transferring through third party servers. The system is free for the first five users. This is not a trial but a fully functional and free five user licence. To start using the system, download from the download page and follow the simple steps to be fully operational within minutes.

About cc Devnet:
cc Devnet Ltd is UK based company with offices around the world. The company provides tools for developers such as its Data Access Server, business applications and bespoke software development services.

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